It is such an honor to be given a chance to interview the forebearers of crunk music themselves, the rap duo Lord T and Eloise. Get a glimpse of their insights and vision for the music industry through our conversation. 

Q: Why did you decide to focus on crunk music? 

A: Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, crunk music is all around us. Rap and hip-hop music was very much alive in the streets and clubs. We wanted to preserve that music genre and let more people experience its upbeat tempo and party vibe. 

Q: Were there groups or bands in particular that you looked up to and influenced your brand of music? 

A: We look up to the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Snoop Dog, and Busta Rymes. But in terms of sound and style, we have our own brand of style that it is difficult to pinpoint where their influences lie. Each of them has influenced us in such a way that we wanted to pursue music and hope to contribute to this industry as they have done in their careers. 

Q: Speaking of your own brand of style, you definitely have a unique look. Why do you dress up like that? 

A: We have to live up to our claims that we are time travelers from a different galaxy and that we are the forebearers of Rapocalypse.  Our peculiar looks and outfits set us apart from other performers and at the same time, establishes our claim and our own take on crunk music. 

Q: Critics have praised the lyrical content of your songs which differs from other rap groups. What are the messages you wish to convey to your listeners? 

A: We just basically want them to have fun, maybe escape from reality for a time and just have a good time. If the party vibe remains strong in our songs then we have served our purpose.