The Purveyors of Crunk Music

Rap music is dead, Rapocalypse is coming… not if Lord T and Eloise can help it! This is the message they bring from the intergalaxy far far away.

Welcome to the official fansite of the band, Lord T and Eloise.  

The rap duo has traveled far and wide from a galaxy different from ours. They have bridged distance and time to bring us the alarming news that rap is doomed. But have no fear for Lord T and Eloise took it upon themselves to save crunk music so that earthlings like us can continue to enjoy hip-hop, rap, and party music from sun up to sun down.

Being the self-proclaimed forebearers of Rapocalypse, Lord T and Eloise have earned the recognition of being The Purveyors of Crunk Music, as acknowledged by the acclaimed VH1 channel. They truly made Memphis proud with their own brand and style of crunk, rap, and hip-hop. They were able to make thousands of people appreciate this music genre with their aristocrunk style – where they celebrate the lives and ways of living of the old rich and exceedingly wealthy families. True to their image, their performances are out of this world and truly a sight to see aside from their quirky looks and get up. And as their way of proclaiming the message and saving crunk music, they are touring the United States to spread their aristocrunk brand of music and performing with other talented artists to promote crunk, rap, hip-hop, and party music to all.

So, stay tuned to this website and let us update you with everything that’s going on with Lord T and Eloise. Never miss any of their shows and performances as we post their schedules ahead of time so you can make sure to free up your calendars and invite your friends to party with us when we visit your location. Be entertained and dance the night away as Lord T and Eloise perform songs from their albums – Aristocrunk, Chairmen of the Board, Rapocalypse, Day Drinking, Crockett and Tubbs (Com Truise Edition), Eloise, Eloise at Christmastime, Country Girl, and Marie Antoinette. Groove and be merry as you dance and sing along to their songs such as Million Dollar Boots, Goin’ Shopping, I’m Rich, Black Limousine, Back from the Business Trip, The Straight Liberace, To My Ladies, Penthouse Suite, Dance Move, Untuxedo, Never Workin’, The Goodies Here and There, Creation Myth, Drastically Plastic, Wu Hui, and many more. 

We also have free streaming and downloads of some of Lord T and Eloise’s songs and musical performances. View our gallery of photos and videos as we feature their sessions, mini-concerts online, and behind the scenes shots of their tours, performances, and album launches. Be the first to see their latest music videos and how they arrange their album tracks inside their studio’s custom steel garage doors in Tempe. In order to Order your copies of digital tracks and albums straight from our website you’ll need to add Tempe garage door repair services to your list. Know the latest news about Lord T and Eloise and the crunk music industry.  

Let Lord T and Eloise be your ear candy and we’ll take care of the party music right here.