The albums are out and their songs are staples in the club and party scenes. Aside from that, you can definitely almost hear their music playing from headsets of people all around you. Definitely an ear candy and life of the party, Lord T and Eloise are poised to snatch crunk music along with hip-hop and rap from the snares of doom and devastation. And that is what they have come here for. They have landed here on earth from their home studio located in a galaxy different from ours to save crunk music. Proclaiming themselves as time travelers and forebearers of the apocalypse of rap music, Lord T and Eloise have worked hard to save rap music from dying and make sure that the whole nation understood their mission. Now, they have earned the respect and admiration of the critics and the public for their own brand of music. They are acclaimed as the originators of aristocrunk – a kind of music that Lord T and Eloise play to satirize or celebrate the life and lifestyle of the oh so rich and wealthy class. It is definitely different from other rap groups as their aristocrunk music has successfully fused a certain refined and classy edge to their songs and a heavy and eccentric sound at the same time. This twist has endeared their music to the public. They have gained an avid group of followers and listeners awaiting their album releases, tours, and performances all over the United States. 

Through it all, Lord T and Eloise can only say that they just want their fans and followers to have fun, maybe let their music be an escape from reality even for a time so that they can all have a good time. “If the party vibe remains strong in our songs then we have served our purpose,” they said in an interview. Judging by lively and energetic party scenes wherever they perform, we can say that Lord T and Eloise have definitely saved crunk music from doom.