About The Band

Lord T and Eloise is a musical group in the crunk rap genre. The rap duo is composed of Maurice Eloise XIII (Eloise) and Lord Treadwell (Lord T) with their resident disc jock DJ Witnesse. People could easily identify Lord T as he dresses up as an aristocrat from the 18th century while Eloise is often associated with a 24 karat gold skin and always wearing a tuxedo. The group hails from Memphis, Tennessee – the home of crunk music. The local music scene inspired them to embrace the unique and innovative Memphis brand of rap and crunk music. They invested in their own synthesizer, sampler, keyboards, Roland TR – 808 programmable drum machine and robotic voice effects to make their music as true to crunk and rap as it could be. 

Lord T and Eloise have proclaimed themselves as time travelers from an inter-galaxy far, far away and they have come to this planet to save rap music in particular. These performers also see themselves as the Rapocalypse forebearers that is why they took it upon themselves to promote their crunk, hip-hop, and rap music all over the United States to prevent this from happening. 

Lord T and Eloise have been under the Entertainment One Music and Eloise record companies. They have released five albums so far – Aristocrunk, Chairmen of the Board, Rapocalypse, Day Drinking, Crockett and Tubbs (Com Truise Edition), Eloise, Eloise at Christmastime, Country Girl, and Marie Antoinette. Some of their most popular songs are Million Dollar Boots, Back from the Business Trip, The Straight Liberace, Wu Hui, Black Limousine, I’m Rich, To My Ladies, Penthouse Suite, Dance Move, Untuxedo, Never Workin’, The Goodies Here and There, Creation Myth, Goin’ Shopping, Drastically Plastic, and many more. They have been acclaimed as The World’s First Purveyor of Aristocrunk by VH1 channel and have received positive reviews from critics for their performances and lyrical content.